• Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can I expect the drive-through to take?

    Time spent in the drive-through completely depends on the flow of traffic. The drive is 3/4 mile long with over a dozen installations.

    Can I buy tickets on site?

    Due to Covid-19, limited tickets are available, so we recommend guests purchase them online in order to guarantee availability. However, if capacity has not been met, tickets can be purchased on site.


    I have 3 people in my car, how much will it cost?

    Tickets are $7 per person with a maximum charge per vehicle of $25 (+ sales tax). 3 people would be $21 (+ sales tax), 4 people would be $25 (+ sales tax), and 5 people would still be $25 (+ sales tax) because of the maximum charge of $25. Large vehicles of 8 or more people is $40 (+ sales tax).


    Is this event weather dependent?

    Somewhat, yes, we are weather dependent as this event takes place in a field and we do not have paved roads. In the event of significant rainfall, we will have to close in order to maintain pathways. We will contact ticket holders immediately via email upon making that decision and work with them to reschedule their tickets.


    Are there concessions on site?

    We are currently working with a new vendor and will have more information to come soon!


    Do you offer discounts?

    At this time, we do not offer any discounts (i.e. for large groups, seniors, military, etc.).


    Will there be food and beverages available for purchase?

    Yes, we will have an assortment of car-friendly snacks and beverages available for purchase.


    Can I get out of my car?

    You may exit your vehicle to use the restrooms prior to entering the event. Once in the drive-through, we ask that you stay in your car.


    Where are you located?

    We are located at 3121 150th Street West in Shakopee on the Sever's Festival Grounds. This is right off of Hwy 169 2 miles south of Hwy 169 & County Road 41. Please visit our Contact Us page for exact directions.


    Do you take credit cards?

    Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover at our ticket booth.


    What vehicles can fit through the drive-through?

    Any vehicle or bus smaller than 23 feet long will fit through our drive-through. Please note, small party buses and shuttle buses are 23 feet long on average.


    Do you close for imminent weather?

    We will make any closure announcements via our website and our social media pages immediately upon making that decision. We defer to the National Weather Service on their recommendation on if cars should be on the roads.


    Why am I charged a fee when I purchase my online tickets?

    We use a third party ticketing service, specifically Eventbrite, to sell online tickets. Their fee is $1 per ticket plus credit card processing of 2.5%. These funds are directly deposited to Eventbrite, not Sever's.